20 kg tin acrybond roof repair compound grey

5 kg tin acrybond roof repair compound grey

Acrybond roof repair compound

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About Acrybond roof repair compound

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High performance, acrylic based, roof waterproofing compound containing fibres. Suitable for general flat roof areas, flashing and gutters. Roof Waterproofing Compounds continue to represent exceptional value for flat roof weatherproofing and emergency repairs. Can be used without a primer and has the ability to be applied in damp conditions on most surfaces. Contains fibres to help bridge cracks and gaps. Will waterproof instantly, even while wet, and will not wash off while curing. Will withstand ponding and covers in only one coat.

• Great adhesion
• Application in damp weather
• Instant protection
• No wash off
• Excellent solar reflectivity
• Reinforced membrane
• Application in one coat
• Seamless
• Fully flexible
• Economical

20 kg tin acrybond roof repair compound black

5 kg tin  acrybond roof repair compound black

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