Soudaflex mastic (40FC) 310ml Colour Grey

Polyurethane Sealant (Soudaflex mastic 310ml cartridge)

Ideal for bonding GRP roofing trims to timber. This multi functional flexible (high modulus), polyurethane sealant and adhesive bonds extremely well to numerous materials including, timber, metal, GRP and plastic. Specially formulated for  a wide variety of applications including industrial and marine use. Resistant to weathering, seawater and ultra-violet radiation, soudaflex is the perfect all-rounder. Outstanding bonding capability and elasticity ensures a durable, long lasting seal.

Soudaflex mastic (40FC) 310ml Colour Grey (Box of 12)

Lead sealant (Soudalead 310 ml cartridge)

Low modulus sealant, especially designed for use with lead, non-corrosive, lead colour, remains permanently elastic. Excellent adhesion to lead and to most building materials such as brick, stone, concrete and timber.

Soudalead lead sealant 310ml Colour lead

Soudalead lead sealant 310ml Colour lead (Box of  15)

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