These trims come in three sizes and are fitted to the roof edge allowing drainage into the gutter.

These trims come in three sizes and are fitted to the roof where water run off is not required.

For use where the flat roof butts against a wall creating an up stand.

Replaces traditional lead flashing for fixing into brickwork where a flat roof butts against a wall.

This general purpose angle is useful in situations where the usual trims may not fit.

Used both to create expansion joints on large roofs and to create rolls on any ridge details.

Used to simulate the appearance of raised rolled lead joints.

Used to provide a neat finish to both right & left hand external corners.

Internal & external fillet corner joints for use with the wall fillet trims, avoids the needs to mitre.

Stronghold fibreglass trims

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This product is factory made to the highest  quality  and is suitable for flat roofing, cladding, domestic and industrial applications. Three metres in length. Features include.

About Stronghold fibreglass trims

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Flat section for use as continuous flashing under slates at a roof junction. It can also be used as a gutter lining.

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