10 kg tin stronghold premium polyester resin

225 kg barrel stronghold premium polyester resin

Stronghold Premium Polyester Resin

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About Stronghold Premium Polyester Resin

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A high quality grade A polyester resin, specially manufactured for laminating glass fibre.

This resin is thixotropic and will resist draining away even on inclined surfaces. Grade A resin is suitable for a variety of applications such as roofing, timber sheathing and boat building. Note: If you are boat building or similar and require Lloyds Approved product please contact us. This resin is supplied pre accelerated and is activated with the addition of MEKP catalyst at 1% to 4% by volume. Pot life at 20degC. using 2% catalyst is approximately 20 minutes. More catalyst decreases working time.

Cures with a slight translucent tint. Filler powders, metal powders and colour pigment pastes can be added.

20 kg tin stronghold premium polyester resin

Stronghold  premium polyester resin requires catalyst

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